Tamil Diplomat

Promises of resettlement failed- Iranaitheevu people gearing up for struggle

The Sri Lankan Navy which has occupied Iranaitheevu is continuing to prevent us from resettling or engaging in overnight fishing. The promises given by the politicians also were not fulfilled so far. We are getting ready to engage in continuous struggle redeem our ancient lands.

The people of Iranaitheevu was displaced in 1992 and was settled in the Iranaimathanagar. The demanding continuously that they be allowed to settle in Iranaitheevu and allowed to engage in fishing. This was discussed in the Coordinating Committee. Decisions and resolutions were taken but, the people of Iranaitheevu were not settled in their ancient Iranaitheevu. On 3rd of this month Iranaitheevu people were allowed to go to  Iranaitheevu to worship at the church there, for the third time after 2009 but they were not allowed to overstay the allowed time. They were sent back after the service.

Although the Chair-person had said they will undertake a direct visit to Iranaitheevu,  it has not materialized.

A situation had been created where we have to struggle for our ancient lands. We are getting ready to engage in the struggle . Some politicians are asking us to postpone the struggle. But we have decided to engage in the struggle, they said.