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Protest against issuance of vouchers; Akila smells a rat

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has observed that there is cause for suspicion that an attempt is being made to sabotage the endeavour to issue school uniform vouchers which has saved an enormous amount of money to the Education Ministry.

He stated that the voucher system had to be formulated since there had been reports of corruption that occurred during the process of issuing uniforms under the previous regime.

He was responding to a question raised by Parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana. Speaking in the House, Minister Kariyawasam explained that the highest value of the vouchers is not Rs. 450 but it is the lowest. The vouchers have been valued from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1,500. The minister said the system of vouchers would be continued next year by correcting the existing flaws in the system. The system might continue as long as the President, the Prime Minister and the Educations Minister remained in their portfolios.
He added that ninety five percent of the vouchers have already been given while in almost all popular schools in Colombo, the vouchers have already issued successfully. The students can buy uniform material until February 28. There are only 7,700 schools which have over 500 students.