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Protest demonstration against privatisation of Elephant pass and Kurinchatheevu salterns

The people of the Pachchilaipalli  and Kandawalai divisional Secretariat areas held a protest demonstration against privatization of Elephant pass and Kurinchatheevu salterns.

People of the above Divisional Secretariat areas held their demonstration in front of the Elephant pass saltern.

Memorandums were sent to the President, Prime Minister, the Leader of the opposition Era Sampanthan, Finance Minister, CM, NPC, Minister Risah Badi-ud-deen, Leader of the Opposition, NPC and the District Secretary, Kilinochchi. The same memorandum was handed over directly to the Asst. Director of Planning, Kandawalai,M.Pratheep and Manager of the Elephant pass saltern A.Kisotharan.

We are able to observe that initial activities have been started to facilitate the privatization.This saltern, opened in 1933 had worked efficiently and had earned high income till 1990. The annual productions of Elephant pass and Kurinchatheevu salterns had been in the regions of 30,000 MT and 40, respectively, the people had said in their memorandum.

The privatization of these salterns is a gross injustice to the area people .We cannot accept this. It is a condemnable act to privatize the salterns, which will affect the livelihood of the area people, said former MP Murugesu Chandrakumar.