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You are provocating us expressing wrong ideas, CM hits back at the Defence Secretary

We are opposing the construction of Buddhist statues being built with the aid of the army in places where no Buddhists, said the Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, in reply with pungency, to the Defence Secretary, Wijayadasa Rajapakse.

It was reported in the media that it had been said in the parliament that, we had adopted a resolution that erecting Buddha statues in the North should not be allowed. This is completely false.

Wijayadasa is well known to me and he could have contacted me before giving out wrong statements based on wrong reports. It causes much concern when somebody record wrong statements based on wrong news reports, in Parliament. We are condemning the erecting of Buddhist statues in places where no Buddhists live, illegally and without legal approval in private lands with the help of the Army..

We will not object not only Buddhist statue but also Hindu and Christian statue being erected with legal permission. We will not object legally erected structures, but will object any structure erected authoritatively and illegally, he said.