Wednesday 12 December 2018
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Public transport crippled by Strike of SLTB Employees

Public transport crippled by Strike of SLTB Employees

Public transport was crippled yesterday due to the strike of the SLTB Employees, in protest of CM’s order to close old bus stand at Vavuniya. State transport services had been crippled in the North.

In accordance with the CM’s order the Old bus stand was closed from mid night and the entrance was blocked by sand barrels. The shop owners in the bus stand complex, had opposed the CM’s order and had flown black flags in protest of CM’s order.

As the SLTB Employees commenced their strike on the New Year day, public were much inconvenienced. Accusing that, the SLTB employees are undertaking the strike, for commercial purposes, and requested that, the services commenced early.

A group of six from the traders had gone to meet the CM and the negotiations are not successful, the traders also will join the protest, it is said. SLTB Depot employees also have gone to meet the Minister in Colombo.



A meeting was held with the CM in chair and several factions such as  the Secretary of the Vavuniya Town Council, SSP, HQI – Vavuniya,  President and Secretary of the Private Bus Owners Association, Director of SLTB Northern Province and  Manager of the Vavuniya Depot participated in this discussion held in Jaffna.

At the end of the discussion CM made the order to close the old bus stand to the Secretary of the Vavuniya TC and instructed the police to assist him in implementing the order.

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