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Puthukudiyirippu massacre commemorated yesterday

The 26th year commemoration of Batticaloa, Puthukudiyiruppu massacre was sentimentally held yesterday. It was commemorated at the Puthukudiyiruupu Pillaiyar Kovil with Special pooja and worship. Members of Parliament and the public congregated at the memorial erected at the Puthukudiyiruppu beach, lighted memorial flames and paid floral tributes.

On 1990 September 21st, the home guards who forced into the village shot and hacked 17 person including children and aged to death. 25 were injured.

The former MP of TNA, P.Ariyanenthiran, EPC Agricultural Minister K.Thurairajasingam, Vice Chairman, E. Prasannah and Members, K.Karunakaram, M.Nadarasa, Era. Thurairathnam, Gna. Krishnapillai, relatives of the massacred, village elders and public participated in the event.

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