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Radio therapy Machine in Thellipalai Cancer Hospital out of order, Patients in a quandary

The patients who visit Thellipalai Cancer Hospital for treatment had been thrown into a quandary as some of the machines in the hospital including the Radio Therapy machine.

more than 200 people are currently being treated at the and around 50 to 100 patients visit the hospital for treatment. In this context, as the Radio Therapy Machine had broken down for more than 15 days, the patients visiting the hospital are being turned away. This particular machine break-down very often and the treatment for patients suspended.

The Haemo-theraphy  machine also is out of order for the last 5 days and patients are being sent away. But, the patients expressed fear that suspension of treatment for many days will put them into a life threatening situation.

people also said that no permanent Administrative officer had ben appointed to this hospital and this is aggravating the situation.

 The Regional Director in charge of this hospital was contacted over this, he said that, they have taken appropriate action to put te machines back in order and the treatments will be resumed in a few days. When the Central Health Minister visited North recently, we have intimated to him regarding the appointment of a permanent Administrative Officer to this hospital and regarding the purchase of new machinery for the hospital. He promised to take action soon and we are taking action to solve immediate problems