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Rain fall reduced in Vavuniya harvest expected to drop

Vavuniya District used to getting heavy rainfall in the period of October to December. But the rainfall this year had been drastically reduced. Because of this water-levels in small and large irrigation tanks found to be at very low levels. This has caused a situation where water cannot be released for irrigation.

Hence, the Quantity of acreage to be cultivated may be reduced and the harvest this year will also drop as sufficient water could be reduced

32,000 families  depending on agriculture are affected, said Deputy Provincial Director of Agriculture, K.Mathanaraj Kulas.

Elaborating further he said paddy is cultivated annually  in 19,810 hectares and black gram in 5,000 Hectares in Maha Season. 7,695 hectare cultivated with paddy and subsidy crops in  yala season.

Only 40% of the rain fall has been received this year. While the tanks should have been filled by this time, water levels in major irrigation tanks, including Rasenthirankulam and Pavatkulam are a very low levels. It is also a matter concern that the weather conditions prevailing now are not giving hope of rain, he said.