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Rainfall not regular in the North for the last 10 years

Meteorological Department announced that the rainfall during the last 10 years was not regular. Highest was received in 2004.

During the past 5 years rain fall was received at an average of 1,500mm.  From 1971 – 2000 the average rainfall was 1,231.1mm. Average in 2004 is 1,776.7 mm. Average annual rainfall during the last 10 years is less than 1,500 mm.

S. Logeswaran from the Met Department said the North is receiving more rains through Cyclones and Depressions. A regular forecast is not possible now. Compared to the climates over 30 years ago, big changes have occurred. Environment temperature has increased. Atmospheric pollution is a major factor in the changes occurring in the climate, he said.