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Rajinikanth’s New Year Wish To His Fans!

Democratic People’s Front Leader Mano Ganesan has  stated that when the Tamil people in the North and East come forward to vote at the poll to be held on January 8, saying that it is their country, one country, the government of Mahinda Rajapakse attributes motives. Their commitments are questioned.
He made this statement at the media meeting held at the office of the Opposition Leader on 01 January.
He continued that Tamil National Alliance is a political party that has secured a mandate from the people of the North and East. That party announced its stand on the current presidential poll two days ago. When their stand is against the current government and is favourable to the common opposition candidate, the government is angered. In case their stand had been in favour of them, their response would have been different. This government adopts a mean attitude. It does recognize the distinction between a Government and a State. Although they say that are patriots of the country, they have displayed the truth that they recognize their political party much more than the country.
He added that the Tamil people who at a certain point of time maintained that this was not their country and boycotted the polls alleging that the country does not belong to them, have come forward to take part in the elections, to exercise their franchise. This must be welcome.
He said that the Mahinda government refuses to recognize it. It attempts to carry out a propaganda misinterpreting their stand. What is important is that the people of the North and east are participating in the elections that seek to choose a president. When they say it is one country and they are citizens of the country, they are told that they are different lot and they belong to alien country.
 He reiterated that they have a right to elect a candidate of their choice and that cannot be denied. What is important is not which party TNA supports. What is important is that the Tamil people are participating in exercising their civic right. This government does not realize. Instead, it is propagating communalism. In the past too, the parties representing the majority community engaged in communal politics and paid a price. Now, too such politics is engaged in to the detriment of the country.