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Rajitha promise Sathiyalingam to appoint Doctors to North soon

The NPC Minister of Health, P.Sathiyalingam said that the Central Minister Dr.Rajitha Senaratne had promised to him that considerable number of doctors from the 1300 doctors to pass out in January.

He speaking on the votes of his Ministry. He further said that 29 of the 104 hospitals in the North are operating without a permanent Doctor. Even the basic needs of the people are not being fulfilled in these areas where resettlement is speedily undertaken.

There is a shortage of staff in Medical Administration also. Only 5 of the approved cadre of 23 are working now.

When I met the Health Minister Rajitha, I pointed out that 30% vacancies for Doctors exist in the North. He said that he was not aware of this and went on promise to appoint a considerable number of the  1300 new doctors who will pass out in January ,  he said.