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Rally in Jaffna in support of Hill country Plantations workers

A rally is to be held in Jaffna on 12th, Wednesday, in support of the struggle staged by plantation workers demanding Rs.1,000/= per day wages.

This rally is being held under the aegis of The Centre for the Development of Woman, said its leader Mrs. Saroja Sivachchandran.

She also said that, this rally will commence near the Memorial for Tamils killed during 4th Tamil Research Conference, in front of Weerasingam Hall,  in Jaffna.

Women, who form the majority of plantation workers are engaged in a massive struggle demanding pay rise. The Centre for the Development of Woman, is conducting this rally in support of the woman workers of the Plantations.

All those who support the demands of the people of the hill country should participate in this rally to be held in Jaffna soil and insist that a just solution to these plantation workers and increase their salary to 1,000/= . Let us all rally to support the plantation workers, she had said in her press release.