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Rally in Negombo in support of Kepapilavu protesters, with participation of Sinhala people

A massive rally was held  in Negombo with the participation of a number of Sinhala people in support of Kepapilavu people who are on a continuous struggle demanding the release of their lands.

The people of Kepapilavu are engaged in a continuous struggle in front of camps of Security Forces for 9th day ,demanding the release of their lands in extent of 20 acre belonging to 40 families, which are currently occupied by Security Forces.

In this context, a rally was held in Negombo in support of the of the people of Kepapulavu.

The rally which was held under the aegis of National Fishermen Cooperation Organization and several people including Sinhala people participated in this rally.

It is notable that several Civil Society Organizations and media men from the south had visited the protesters and pledged their support to them. They said that these people have all the right to cultivate and live in their own lands.

The president had said that he is alive because of the votes from the North and if not for them he would have by now gone below 6 feet of soil. He has an obligation to release the lands of these people. It is on this basis we are supporting this struggle and we will make the facts known in the south, they said.

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