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Rally with the university community in their protest: TNA’s call to Tamil people

The International community and the UN should be made aware of what the Tamil people’s feelings are. Hence the protest of the university community should be transformed into a gargantuan protest of the Tamil masses. The TNA will give its complete support. All sections of the Tamil people should support it. We should participate in it – TNA had called upon Tamil people as above. University community is scheduled to stage a protest on the 24th of this month in Jaffna Town.

This protest is being staged demanding the release of the investigation Report on Sri Lanka next month, as planned. TNA will extend its complete support- cooperation – said the spokesman of TNA and MP, Suresh Premachandran.

TNA is welcoming this protest. This should be held as a gargantuan protest of the Tamil people. America and India should be made aware of the feelings of the Tamil people. They should understand it clearly.

Tamil people should take part in it without any party discrimination and make this a stupendous protest under one umbrella. Every Tamil should take part in it. We could not say that every problem of the Tamil people will be solved by the publication of this report, but all should know what is the Truth. It will be helpful in moving towards the next stage- he further said.