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Rameswaram fishermen go on indefinite strike

Fishermen of Rameswaram went on an indefinite strike from Friday, demanding the release of 87 fishermen held captive by Sri Lanka. Many fishermen from various parts of the state have been languishing in the prisons in Sri Lankan. Fishermen in the Rameswaram have decided to refrain from fishing, said district secretary of Tamil Nadu Mechanised Boats Fishermen’s Association during a meeting of fishermen’s associations held in Rameswaram on Friday. “We came to know that the fishermen are facing many hardships. We want the 87 fishermen and their 39 boats to be released immediately,” he said.

He said fishermen should be compensated for the boats that drowned in Sri Lankan waters because they were not retrieved on time and brought back to India. They urged the government to protect their livelihood and rights to fish. Many members of the fishing community have migrated to other jobs due to lack of security for their livelihood, they said.

Fishermen have planned for a fast on Saturday in Thangachimadam to stress their demands. Nearly 25,000 fishermen and their families will be affected due to the strike, they said. Similar strikes were conducted four times in the last three months, excluding the period of fishing ban. (TNN)