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After Raviraj case judgment, TNA firmly say,” No faith on local judiciary, International Investigation

The spokesman MP, M.A.Sumanthiran has reiterated the call for international Investigation. The judgment on former MP, Raviraj has clearly shown that resolution adopted in Geneva by our pressure is absolutely correct. It has been confirmed through this that no faith could be placed the judiciary of Sri Lanka, he said.

Raviraj was shot dead in November 2006. Trials on his assassination was started on  22nd November 2015. 5 persons were accused in this case. One was said to have died  and two are still absconding. Other three were arrested and produced in court. The charge sheet said that these three and other persons unknown to the Attorney General had conspired and executed this murder.

The judgment of this case was delivered at mid-night. All the accused in this case were acquitted from all charges.

He was speaking at the cultural festival of Karaveddy Divisional Secretariat, held yesterday presided by the Divisional Secretary, Sivasiri.

Commenting on the judgment of the case he further said that, he appeared for the affected family and from the outset we opposed the trial being held before Jurors. But the Court decided that the case should be conducted in front of the jurors.