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Raviraj had been shot dead with the Rifle issued to Karuna Amman, testifies the Deputy Attorney General

The Deputy Attorney General, Rohan Abeysooriya testified in court yesterday that Raviraj and his body guard had been shot dead with the rifle issued to Karuna Group in Girithale Army Camp.

The case relevant to the murder of Nadarajah Raviraj was taken up for hearing before the Colombo High Court Judge, Manilal Waithyathilleka , the Deputy Attorney General testified as above.

He said that,150 T-56 type rifles were issued at the Girithale Army camp to the group of Karuna Amman, who was one the former commanders of the LTTE.

Charge sheets had been filed on 3 persons. 7 jurors had been elected on a lottery basis. The case will be taken up for hearing today.