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Ready to join the Northern Fishermen’s struggle against Indian Fishermen : Southern Fishermen

Sri Lanka sein net fishermen’s Federation leader, Nimal Cooray said that If they are invited to participate in the protests and struggles against the Indian fishermen who rob the marine resources of the North, they will travel in trains and participate in those struggles.

He said this in a meeting chaired by the Central Fisheries Minister held at the Jaffna District Secretariat.

The problem of the Indian fishermen robbing away the marine resources is being talked of for a long time. If we  are invited we shall join our hands in their struggle. Catching sand fish was banned in the period of N.M.Perera. How is that this is allowed in the North where the fishermen oppose the catching of Sand fish.

He also said that the unity that existed when seine net law was passed in 1980 is not existing now, he said.