Tamil Diplomat

Recognition of the Nation is the solution for the problems, says TNPF

Land area, unique Language, Culture and Economy are basics for the Tamil people to be approved as a Nation. Institutionalized genocide is being committed to destroy all these during and after the war. Hence the recognition of the Tamil nation will be the only solution for all the problems, said Kajendrakumar Ponnampalam while speaking in the inaugural election meeting of TNPF held at the Revadi Beach, Valvettithurai, yesterday.

Elaborating further he said, we start our election propaganda from Valvettithurai, the heart of the liberation struggles of the Tamils. We possess, ancestral land area, a unique language, a unique culture and a joint economy to be recognized as nation, in accordance with the norms accepted by International community. Only a recognized nation could have a self-determination right. Hence a solution is needed by us on the basis of self-determination.