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Reconciliation could be built up only if other religions are respected : the District Secretary, Jaffna

The District Secretary, Jaffna, N.Vethanayagan said that the reconciliation could be built up only if other Religions are respected.

The event for pursuing reconciliation activities at country wide at schools level was held at the Vaddikoddai Hindu College at 11.30 a.m. yesterday under the aegis of Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation. Understanding is essential in a country like Sri Lanka with multi languages, religions and races. If this unity ids there only, unity and peace will prevail in this country where several races are living.

If unity and peace prevail among the people only the country could be built up. Through this only the self- sufficient economy could be reached. If all these are to happen, the people of every race should learn to respect the co-races’ Religion, Language and Culture.

Those who come here from the south always say that they came with fear. But when they come here they forget everything and cordially move with the people here and when they go back they say that they are sad to leave these people.

When a feeling of we all are Sri Lankans is built up only, lead the future of the country  in good stead. The ministry of Reconciliation and we have the responsibility of making every citizen aware of this,he said.