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Reconciliation in Sri Lanka is eclipsed by the trauma: a study finds

According to a study people in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka are of the view that “neither they were participating or involved in any reconciliation process, nor that they were ready to do so – in many cases, their understanding of reconciliation was overshadowed or suppressed by the trauma they had suffered during the last stages of the war and their ongoing difficulties.

This study,  conducted by Minority Rights Group International, was released yesterday and a copy of the study has been handed over to the United Nations.

“In many cases the participants were unable to see beyond their immediate problems, which were often very serious –  the disappearance or death of loved ones, for example, as well as more practical concerns such as access to a job or housing. It was evident that the failure to resolve these issues was a major obstacle to reconciliation in Sri Lanka” the study says.

The full details of the study is available at http://minoritystories.org/