Tamil Diplomat

Reflection after Kulappiddy shooting of undergrads

  • The students did not stop when signaled to Stop……Fired upon assuming them as sword gang: SSP, Jaffna.
  • Compensations will be paid to the families of killed students: President Maithripala Sirisena.
  • 5 arrested Policemen remanded till Nov.5th.
  • Police apologies for mistaken shooting to Parents. Offer all expenses, and employment.
  • 400 riot squad personnel in Jaffna to handle any untoward incident.
  • Why 1,000 cc Motor bikes if they cannot give chase……Why the police Training.
    if they cannot shoot below the knees?: Minister Mano Ganeshan flares up.
  • Cannot accept the excessive act of the Police: jointly say NPC Actg. CM and Opposition
  • Killings of Students demonstrate the value of the lives in North and East: TPC
  • Firing on students a planned murder: TNPF.
  • The Firing on the students, a threat leveled at the Tamil people: Ceylon Tamil Teacher’s Union.
  • President orders impartial Inquiry into students’ death.