Saturday 19 October 2019
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Some reflection from the south on Maveerar Day and Prabha’s Birthday

Some reflection from the south on Maveerar Day and Prabha’s Birthday

By celebrating the Maveerar Day and the Prabhakaran’s Birth day publicly, in an unprecedented way, those in the North have breached the Law. All of them should be arrested. We were informed by the Army men that they have placed Prabhakaran’s picture in front of the army camp and lighted the flame there. Some Ministers roared like Lions against the Maveerar Day commemoration last week. Have gone under their beds now?

                                                                          — Uthaya Gammanpila, MP, Leader of New Hela Urumaya, in Parliament.

Is the North a separate country to celebrate Maveerar day ? The government is oppressing the several media in the south. But the commemoration of Maveerar day has been undertaken on a grand scale. MP, Siritharan had stated that, the militants have not died , but  will come back. The media in the did not publish much on the commemoration in the North. Had they been censored by the Government in a planned way. If that is not so, is an attempt is made to feeling of a separate country beyond Anuradhapura?                                                                                                                                                                                      –Sarath Amunugama , MP, in parliament.

If the former leader of the JVP, Rohana Wijeweera could be remembered, why not Prabaharan? Rohana Wijeweera, who fought against the Government twice is being remembered. No ban had been imposed on it.In this context what is wrong in remembering Prabaharan. Even his death could be commemorated. Commemorating people who died in war is a righteous duty. no ban should be imposed on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Vasudeva Nanayakara, MP, Mahindha Faction.

The Government should answer regarding the Maveerar events held in the North and East. The State Minister for Defence, Ruwan Wijewardene bowed last week that these events will not allowed. Then how is that these events were held?  A threat had arisen for the National Security because of these events. Strict legal action should be taken against thos who held the events.

                                                               -Iththakanthe Saththathissa Tero, Leader Ravana Balaya.

One thought on “Some reflection from the south on Maveerar Day and Prabha’s Birthday

  1. Tony Francis

    It is the birthright of ever citizen, from any community – where ever they reside- to remember their dear dead , unless you are living in a barbaric STATE.


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