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Reflections on TPPs…

*The TGPPs will be brought under court procedure soon and innocent will be released : Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

* Granting general amnesty to TPPs should be considered: Krishnapillai Thurairajasingam, Minister of Agriculture, EPC.

* Show goodwill by releasing the TPPs: South Africa.

* Release TGPPs before Deepavali: Hindu Mamantram.

* National Organization for Releasing Political prisoners, Group for releasing prisoners and National Peace Federation demonstrate in front of Welikade Prisoncalling for release of TPPs.

* Releasing TPPs is good governance: Justice and Peace Commission.

* Attention drawing rallies in Mullaitheevu, Kilinochchi

8 The sickness of Mannar Bishop a great setback to us: Fasting TPPs