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Relatives go on symbolic fasting calling for justice to kins who had gone missing

The relatives of the people who had gone missing, announced yesterday that they will undertake a symbolic fasting campaign today in front of the Pandaravanniyan memorial tower in Vavuniya District Secretariat from 08.00 a.m.As per a decision arrived at the get together of the relatives of the missing person held on 10th this month on the International Human Rights Day, this symbolic fasting is undertaken as a first stage. If a favourable reply is not received from the government, continuous fasting campaign will be undertaken after 15th January, said the Chair-person of the Vavuniya District Society for Relatives arrested and made to disappear, Mrs. Kasipillai Jeyavanitha said.

The Society for the persons arrested and made to disappear in the North and East had also decided to undertake a continuous fasting campaign for the release of political prisoners.We have not received just solution to several struggles we have undertaken in the past. On the contrary we are being continuously cheated by politicians. The Government and the political parties are acting, with the promises given to our children who undertook fast unto death in prison. Even after 7 years from the end of the war, the government had not given a favourable solution. The newly elected President also is cheating the relatives of the missing persons. The relatives are living perpetual distress as to the fate of their loved ones. Our struggle will continue until a permanent solution is found for the relatives of the missing persons, she said.