Tamil Diplomat

Relatives of missing persons demonstrate in Mullaitheevu

The relatives of the people who had gone missing held a demonstration in Mullaitheevu, demanding that the office for the missing persons be located either in Kilinochchi or Mullaitheevu. Their demonstration started at the St. Peter’s church and went up to the Kallappadu residence of NPC member T.Raviharan.

The demonstrators carried placards with slogans. At the residence they handed over their copies of referendum to be handed over to the Leader of the Opposition, Era Sampanthan, the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran and the President , Maithripala Sirisena.

Receiving the copies Raviharan said that,  he will hand over the copies to relevant people and that he  know the tribulations of people roaming here and there. The fact that your problem is being considered at International Level is a victory for you. The government had to give an answer for this. They cannot distance themselves from this. So please be patient for some more time. An end will come for your problems soon, consoled Raviharan.

The demonstrators dispersed from there peacefully.