Tamil Diplomat

Relatives of Missing persons frustrated after meeting with President: Call for International Investigation

While firmly declaring that they are not going to believe the Sri Lankan Government any more, the relatives of the missing persons requested the International Community to intervene and deliver justice to them.

After the meeting with the President we have been highly disappointed and pushed to the brink of frustration, they said. A meeting between the President and the relatives of Missing persons was held yesterday afternoon, at the President Secretariat.

They expressed their concern in a media conference after the meeting with the President. Elaborating further they said that, they are talking in a lethargic way regarding our demands. They didn’t speak to us with an intention of answering whether our relatives are alive or not or what happened to them. They were bent on providing us with compensations.

We directly handed over our relatives to the Army. They were not abducted like Sinhalese or Muslims. We are asking for people we handed over directly to the Army. But the President did not provide any appropriate answer.

We said that we have faith in the Office for the missing as we know what happened to the Commissions that were appointed earlier. We asked why no attempt is made put the former President, Rajapakse and the former commanders of the Army who are still in Sri Lanka.

Nobody is interested in finding our relatives. Our political leaders had forsaken us. Let them not come to our homes for election. We have no government for us in Sri Lanka. International Community should intervene and deliver us with justice, they said.