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Relatives of 05 Muslims abducted by the Military Intelligence, testify before the Commission for missing persons

The Military intelligence Corp   (MIC) operatives who came in white vans abducted our relatives.

But we have no information about their whereabouts to date, said the relatives of 3 men of the Auxiliary force of the MIC and two civilians alleged to be abducted off Otamavadi, testifying before the Commission inquiring about missing persons.

The third session for Batticaloa District of the Commission was held in the Koralai Pattu Divisional Secretariat hall in the evening of Tuesday.

187 persons were called up to testify on Tuesday the last day.

Apart from people who were called to testify, several other Additional people appeared before the commission.

Home guards Abubucker Illyas  ( 30 years old when abducted), Muhamathu Aliyar Riswan ( 21 years old when abducted),Issadeen Sabrass( 21 years old when abducted),and civilians Abubucker Nawfar( 27 years old when abducted), and Illyas Abdul Cader( 17 years old when abducted), all of Oddamawadi in the Valaichenai police Division of the Batticaloa District, were abducted by armed people covertly, said the relatives in their testimony.

However, only one home guard is still being paid the salary and other two should be granted justice they insisted.

Continuing their testimony regarding those who had been abducted in white vans they said that, on the day of the event mosques were notified that nobody should move around in the night and this abduction had been staged in a well planned manner at around 12 mid-night.

It is the MIC, which had abducted our kins and made them non-existent.

The service issue uniforms and caps of the abducted are with us. We have informed several times that, It is illegal for us to keep these and requested them to take over these but nobody had listened to us. We have not been paid any compensations or salaries by the government.

It is unbelievable, surprising and sorrowful that, the intelligence officers serving with the state security forces being abducted by the MIC and made to disappear.

Hence, they said that, they argue for justice in this matter,  in this Good governance, they said.

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