Tamil Diplomat

Release detainees immediately: Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has urged for the “immediate release” of detainees. It has also expressed concern about the proposed rehabilitation process.

It has revealed this in a press release.

‘The Commission calls for the immediate release of those held in detention or remand for a long period of time without charges and against whom there is no credible evidence.

They also called upon the Attorney General to review the cases of those indicted and to withdraw those cases based on confessions made to Police officers, cases where no credible evidence exist and cases which are relatively minor.”

The Commission went on further to specifically state that “individuals indicted under the PTA and Emergency Regulations against whom there is no credible evidence” should be released “on bail immediately,” and expressed concern with the “rehabilitation process to which detainees and remanded will reportedly be subjected.”

The prolonged administrative detention or remand of persons is a serious violation of the fundamental right guaranteed to them under Articles 12 and 13 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka as well as under Sri Lanka’s human rights obligations under international law.’