Tamil Diplomat

Release TPPs before Pongal, calls the National Organization for releasing political prisoners

The National organization for releasing political prisoners had called upon President Maithripala Sirisena to use his executive powers and release the TPPs  before Pongal festival.

Promises were made by the President, Sampanthar and D.M>Swaminartha that TPPS will be rehabilitated and releleased. They were neither rehabilitated nor released.

How can be the National Pongal celebrations be held in the North while, their children are in prison and their lands are under the control of the Army?, the organization had queried.

If the President really intends to bring reconciliation among the Tamil people, let him first release the TPPs. Then hand over the lands of the Tamil people to them. Then only real Co-Existence and true National Reconciliation could be built up. Just trying to celebrate Thai Pongal in the North will amount to continuing the hoodwinking of the Tamil people, they had said