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Releasing suspects is no threat to national security: PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has reiterated that the release of prisoners after careful study is no threat to national security. He was speaking in Parliament on the debate on the Budget.

Speaking further in the House, he stated:

‘Certain Opposition MPs were finding fault with the government for releasing 38 LTTE suspects when the former regime released 12,000 ex-LTTE cadres.

If we compared the charges against the 38 we released with the charges against the 12,000 released by the former regime, it will be easy to decide on which batch of prisoners was more dangerous.

The so-called ‘patriots’ in the Opposition were responsible for the promotion of racism and criminal acts carried out during the Rajapaksa regime.

Who killed Lasantha Wickramatunga? Who kidnapped Ekneligoda? Who imprisoned Sarath Fonseka? Who is responsible for the assassinations of MP Raviraj and MP Maheswaran? MP Raviraj and Maheswaran were staunch opponents of Prabhakaran and killing them only helped strengthen Prabhakaran’s foothold. Now there are hundreds of patriots but they are fakes, they are cardboard patriots.’