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Remove the Army camp in front Palinagar MV, Development Group, Manthai East

The Development Grpoup of the Manthai East Divisional Secretariat have adopted a decision that the Army Camp in front Palinagar MV and hand over the land to the lawful owner.

This meeting was held in the Conference hall of the Manthai East Divisional Secretariat at around 9.00 a.m. yesterday.

The Army camp is located in lands public land and private lands in front of the Palinagar MV and the Palinagar Primary. Because of the Army Camp being in front of the school, students are unable attend evening classes. Further the Army which was constructed temporarily is now being strengthened, said the Secretary of the palinagar MV Development Committee.

The TNA MP for Mullaitheevu District, Shanthy Sriskantharasa said that the camp is hindering the routine environment of the students of the school and requested that Army should go away from the lands and the lands sould be handed over to the owners.After a lengthly discussion the above decision was taken.