Friday 3 July 2020
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Renowned engineer Professor. S. Mahalingam passes away in Jaffna

Renowned   engineer Professor. S. Mahalingam passes away in Jaffna

A well-known Engineer and an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Peradeniya, Professor . S. Mahalingam passed away, early morning today at a hospital in Jaffna.

Professor S. Mahalingam received his doctorate (DSc) in Science from the University of London. He joined The University of University of Peradeniya as a lecturer in 1970s. The first ever honors of that kind in Engineering.   Prior to joining the University of Peradeniya, Professor Mahalingam taught at the Engineering Faculty based in Colombo at the inception in July 1950.

He is well known for his work on ‘Vibration of branched systems—A displacement excitation approach’. This publication was widely cited and refereed by leading scholars in the field.

He was always known for his simplicity, integrity and humbleness among people.

His funeral will take place tomorrow, Wednesday  at Alaveddy, Jaffna.

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A Jet Engine, which had been brought down from London to University of Peradeniya by Professor. S. Mahalingam

Prof. S Mahalingam 1 Prof. S Mahalingam 3

30 thoughts on “Renowned engineer Professor. S. Mahalingam passes away in Jaffna

  1. Rajini

    I am proud to be a student of him. One of the best teachers I had in my education life. My heart felt condolences. may his soul rest in peace.

  2. Lionel Staples Gunaratne

    Professor S. Mahalingam was a Great Professor of the University of Peradeniya. He was very popular among the students and the Academic Staff of the University.

  3. Kanagaratnam

    His loss is irreparable to the country and to his personal friends. Peradeniya University academic community has lost a productive scholar, a gifted and devoted teacher. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. Yogi

    He taught us during the latter part of 1960s. He and late Dr. Thurairajah were married to the engineering faculty. Both commanded respect from the students for their simplicity and teaching capabilities.

    My his soul rest in peace.

  5. Subramania I. Sritharan

    He was indeed a great professor who conducted research till his very mature years. Known for his hall mark work on improvements to the Holzer Method for balancing in vibration control (Journal of Applied Mechanics in 1958) he continued research on vibration control over many decades. One could see his papers in the Journal of Sound and Vibration even during the 80’s.
    After nearly 47 years since I took a class in machine design, I was surprised to see him in pictures with the same type of simple dress – half sleeve shorts & khaki pants. Older students will also remember that he used to walk from his University house across the river to the Faculty of Engineering. He later started driving a Morris Minor to work.
    Our heartfelt condolences to his family.

  6. Thruganam

    He was the greatest teacher who taught us with heart and soul. He dedicated his life for Predeniya Uni and its students. My condolences.

  7. Chandima Ekanayake

    I was very fortunate to be his student.He was the greatest teacher ever I had.May you attain nibbana.

  8. chandima Ekanayake

    He was the greatest teacher ever I had .I still remember the simple way he taught us Mechanics of Machines.You were down to earth.Sir! May you attain nibbana.

  9. Mahinda Kuruppu

    He was a brilliant academic who was dedicated to his teaching and research. His vibration laboratory in Peradeniya engineering faculty is testament to his life work. I was one of many thousands who was benefited by his teaching. May his good deeds follow him.

  10. Harischandra de Silva

    He was one of the best teachers I ever encountered. I was fascinated by his simplicity. May he attain Nibbana.

  11. janaka

    Thank you for your immense contribution to the Engineering field. You were a great teacher. Still remember your lectures about machines with your elegant and descriptive figures instantly made on the boards. may you rest in peace sir!

  12. Parakrama Jayasinghe

    The country has lost a great engineer and a great human being. None who were fortunate to have studied under thus gentle and kind teacher could ever forget the influence that he has made in our lives. The contribution he made to the engineering education in Sri Lanka as well as our careers cannot be expressed in a million words, but will continue to enrich our lives for ever. .

  13. Charath

    He dedicated his life to the Engineering education and researches in Sri Lanka. He is the man for the perfection, simplicity and punctuality. Still I can remember his 2nd year Mechanics of Machine class room. I was very fortunate be in his class room. He too was a very active member to support to the sportsman from our faculty. May his soul rest in peace.

  14. NimalP

    He was such a simple, unassuming kind of a gentleman.

    One day, back in the late sixties around 7 in the evening, I with some of my friends were returning to Akbar from the E Fac library. We had a some kind of a ‘footfight’ and one of my friends grabbed my leg, got hold of my “Bata slipper” and threw it to the roof of the nearby building. I had to climb to the roof to retrieve it. While I was up on the roof Prof. Mahalingam was also walking towards the E Fac with a torch (flashlight) in his hand. He aimed the torch at me and asked “Hey, what are you doing up there?”. I was speechless but one of my friends explained to him the joke and he smiled and walked away.

    Sir, you may attain Nibbana.

  15. Rienzie L

    A charismatic leader in the field of mechanical engineering.
    I can remember him going along the corridors of the Faculty of Engineering with his tennis gear.
    I can remember how he started with his lecture on the Theory of Gyration by mentioning a specific Air disaster leading to this theory. He asked us to rotate the front wheel of a bicycle with wheel in the air and then try to turn the direction to see how the force of gyration acts against that turn. This vivid memories clearly shows how clever he was as a lecturer.
    He was also the first one who told us about how to write professional reports.
    He was simply brilliant, inspirational and a giant in the field of engineering
    May he Rest in Peace.

  16. Harsha

    He found a solution to a problem in the design of Avro jet engine. Instead of taking a fee for himself he requested a jet engine be donated to Peradeniya Uni for the benefit of students. A rare human being and a great teacher and highly respected but simple down to earth person from Jaffna.

  17. Wimal Jayasuriya

    Dear Sir,
    I have not seen perfect gentleman in my life other than you. I am very fortunate to be student of you. I can remember, your well prepared great lectures, your kindness, simplicity. Also I can remember how you kept machine lab well organised, clean. (Even nice front garden with full of flowers)

    May you attain supreme bliss of Nibbana.

  18. Wimal Jayasuriya

    Dear Sir,

    I have not seen a perfect gentleman in my life other than you I am very fortunate to be a student of you. I always remember your very well prepared great lectures & your kindness to us. Also I can remember how you kept our machine lab very well organised, clean & tidy (Even nice front garden with full of flowers).

    May you attain supreme bliss of Nibbana.

  19. Sumedha Munasinghe

    Very few people know about Profesor Mahalingam who contributed phenomenally for building up the nation. Sadly the entire world knows Prabhakaran who became the destroyer of the nation.

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