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A research on Beach-de-mer progressing at the Mullaitheevu beach

A research on Beach-de-mer production has been carried out by Sri Jayawardenepura University on the Mullaitheevu beach.

The University’s research Assistant and Post Graduate study student, K. Nishanthan engaged in a research on Beach-de-mer Producting ,Marketing ans Marketing development, from the day before yesterday. Currently,    25 sand fish  to 1 kg is sold at Rs.4,000/= , 40 to 1kg at Rs. 3,000/=   , 60 to 1Kg at Rs.2,200/=  and 80 per Kilo at Rs.1,500/=  to Singapore.

If Technology is used in processing them, they could be sold for more price.In the context of medium and small size sand fish being harvested at Mullaitheevu, Jayawardene pura University is undertaking this research in Mullaitheevu.