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Research on endangered Mangroves along Batticaloa Lagoon

Large number of mangroves found along the banks of the 2nd largest lagoon of Sri Lanka, the 350 Km. long Batticaloa Lagoon is being slowly destroyed, said the Director of Batticaloa District Coast Preservation Department of the Ministry of Environment, K.Kokilatheepan.

Several fish  species are going into extinction because of the destruction of Mangroves. Most of these species used thgeses mangroves as breeding grounds. Several species had gone extinct due to the abuse of environment of the humans.

Hence a research had been undertaken by the students of Sweden University, to find out the causes behind this destruction. The soil samples at Kokkaddichcholai, where a large number of mangroves had been destructed  are being subjected to analysis.

The students of  Geographical and Geological science faculty of the Sweden’s Jothanberg University, Acetrid Dledmen and  Majajon are engaged in these researches along with the students of the Science Faculty of the Eastern University.