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The Resettlement of Muslim people in the North should be expedited : Sampanthan

While saying that an extensive project has to be planned by the government for the North , the leader of the opposition, Era Sampanthan also said that the Resettlement of the Muslims in the North should be undertaken with speed by the Government.

Era Sampanthan has said this while inaugurating the 5th day debate on the second reading of the budget yesterday.  He also insisted that such a plan should include handing over of lands, Resettlement, Housing schemes, Living standards, fishing. The TNA will give necessary pressure regarding this and representatives should also be taken-in, in the scheme. 16 are from the TNA, out of 18 elected from North and East. Tamil people have elected us to be their sole representatives.

At the same time the, the resettlement of the Muslims cannot be sidelined. We have met the representatives of Muslim people over this, and their concerns should not be allowed to be rejected anymore, he said.