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Resolution demanding vacation of 27 places grabbed by Police and Army in Vavuniya

A resolution tabled by the Health Minister P.Sathiyalingam demanding the vacation of 27 places in 3 Divisional Secretary areas, currently occupied by the Police and the Army, was adopted in the NPC.

Tabling this resolution he said that, even after 6years had passed from the end of the war, Police and Army are occupying several places including institutions providing services topeople. The life of a 55 year woman was lost last week by the illegal electrification of fence by the army at Addappakkulam. He also submitted details of such places;

Vavuniya DS division: Kudiyiruppu Cultural hall,Paddy Marketing Board, Palk Road, FDL including Omanthai Divisional hospital,`Peyadi Koolankulam School, sub-office of PS, Moonru Murippu  Co-operative, Village Development Society, Army sale centre, Teak farm, Forest department – Kandy Road.Pampaimadu ASC, Cooperative Society, Post Office, sub-office of PS, Forest Conservation Department, Cooperative Training Centre, Poonthottam, Omanthai police station(Private land),

Cheddikulam DS division: Adappankulam ASC, Old building of Mankulam hospital,Thanthrimalai junction camp(tank), PS market building, Ulukkulam ASC, Kurukkaloor STF camp(private land), Periyakaddu government rest house,

Vavuniya North DS division: Kanagarayankulam Irrigation building, K’kulam south Village Dev. society, Nedunkerny rural hospital, Maraillupai (private land), Ramanoor (private land), Land in front of K’kulam 561 brigade(private), Maruthodai army play ground (private land), Nedunkerni police station(private), Olumadu army camp(private), Pulliyankulam public grounds.