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Resolution of the Chief Minister and the intrigue to paralyze the Northern Provincial Council


The Northern Provincial Council and its Chief Minister, stand reflecting again, the thinking of not only the people of Northern Province but also the entire Tamil people through adopting a resolution demanding an inquiry through an International Investigation Mechanism, crimes against “humani generi” allegedly perpetrated in the last stages of the war.

It could be observed that the Northern Provincial Council  is taking concrete action regarding bringing out to the outside world the merciless killing, injuring, making to disappear, raping,   of thousands of Tamil people, and demanding justice.

The CM, C.V. Wigneswaran, who, at the beginning of this year, to the surprise of all, proposed the Genocide resolution, and adopted it, had this time proposed a historically important resolution calling for International Investigation, and adopted it, and thus, it could be said that he had proved his commitment to his stand point that justice should be granted to the people who were affected in the final war. In a context where the Tamil Members of the Parliament, over time and again represented the Tamil people, had not taken any concrete action  beyond delivering speeches once in a while, regarding gaining justice for the atrocities committed against Tamil people, he had adopted such resolutions which  reflect the aspirations of the people and revealed the aspirations of the people to the outside world, that too from his position in the Provincial Council which had comparatively less powers, is really a laudable act, it could be said.


The news that the UN and the UNHRC which had given excessively extended periods to Sri Lanka Government, with regard to establishing justice for the crimes alleged to be perpetrated against the Tamil People, during the final war, is now clamouring to recommend an un-reliable mechanism had made Tamil people and their supportive forces to worry. The so called Internal Investigation  mechanism is not an appropriate investigation  mechanism which can get Justice to Tamil people, is the reason behind the anguish and concern of the Tamil people. There are several reasons put forward to show, why the internal Investigation will not constitute an appropriate Investigation.

It is pointed out that Internal Investigation Mechanism (IIM) is an act of handing over the investigation to the same person who had committed the crime. In the context where the Sri Lankan Government and organization related to it being suspected of committing the crimes against “humani generi” alleged to be committed during the final war, handing over of the responsibility of investigating the crimes is like asking a criminal to investigate his own crimes and give a judgment, the people, who reject the internal mechanism say.

The final war of Sri Lanka is often quoted as “A War without Witnesses”. This is “A War without Witnesses” after expelling local and international volunteer Organizations and NGOs. In this context the people who are affected by war are only witnesses available. There is a suspicion among concerned factions, whether a conducive environment exist in IIM so that, such affected people to become witnesses without fear. The security of the witnesses of the IIM is a big question mark, while, the suspected perpetrators of War Crimes are still holding their high posts, in the Government mechanism. In this context an important suspicion that is being placed forward is whether the Internal Investigation Mechanism is capable of bringing truth out of the witnesses.

3.  As a former Justice and the incumbent NPC CM, C.V. Wigneswaran  commented once, The legal structures found in Sri Lanka and the Internal Investigation Mechanism do not posses possibility of War criminals being punished through them  is another important matter pointed by people opposing Internal Investigation Mechanism.

4. When an investigation is conducted through International Mechanism regarding the War Crimes committed during the final war and the atrocities perpetrated, the investigation will attain a dimension of International war crimes and it will also help politically related solution to the Tamil People. But if the war crimes are investigated merely through Internal Investigation Mechanism, they will escape the dimension of International war Crimes, and it will be merely covering up the said crimes is pointed out as another reason.

A situation is prevailing where the Tamil People rejecting completely the Internal Investigation Mechanism, for such reasons, while several other factions are expressing their opposition to the Internal Investigation Mechanism. It was learned that, the constituent parties of TNA, EPRLF, PLOTE and TELO had got together and had send a memorandum to UNHRC insisting on a International Investigation. It is notable here that, several factions including, Tamil National People’s Front, Tamil Civilian Organizations, the relatives of people who had gone missing and certain MPs of TNA are expressing opinion insisting International Investigation.

However, some Tamil National Politicians are seen acting with a supportive stance for Internal Investigation Mechanism, as if to support Sinhalese rulers having their own interest in mind. The activities of such people who are found among Tamil people, will not only ruin the Tamil race as a whole but also of the nature of refusing the justice due to the Tamil People. Although, these factions comparatively small, as far as the decision making on behalf of the Tamil people are concerned, their influence being quite considerable, is a matter for concern.


When viewing these situations, a suspicion coming to my mind is that, these forces which are against Tamil Nationalism but, identified themselves as the representatives of Tamil people may endeavour to create crises and pressures to Tamil Nationalist activists such as C.V. Wigneswaran, who are reflecting the aspirations of the Tamil People, so as to side line them from political arena and by doing so, they might try to achieve their wishes covertly. There are good chances that the Sinhala racist politicians and some other organizations might engage in behind the scene ‘pawn moving’ in favour of these forces. It is considered Tamil  people should me made adequately aware of this danger.

If my guesses are correct, some forces may not only start to create crises, covertly and overtly, but also try to paralyze as much as possible the activities of Northern Provincial Council which adopted historical Genocide and the necessity of International Mechanism resolutions, and specially it’s CM, C.V. Wigneswaran. Only time will show, whether the Tamil Nationalist will gain dominance or the forces against Tamil Nationalism. But, there is only one hope, Evil may eclipse the life of Good, but Good will always win.