Tamil Diplomat

Resolution on Constitution against Standing Orders:Anura

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayke has expressed his party’s opposition to presenting a resolution on constitution under the Standing Orders.

Addressing the media, he said: “The resolution presented by the government regarding compiling a new constitution is totally against standing orders. The government attempted to present the resolution without going into standing orders but using clause 74 of the Constitution.

We expressed our opposition to this attempt at the meeting of party leaders. Even ministers representing the government said the resolution should be presented under standing orders. As a result an agreement was reached to allow the resolution to be presented by the Prime Minister and give an opportunity to other parties to present amendments. This was the result of pressure applied at the party leaders’ meeting. As a result of this pressure the government had to agree to convene the special session of the Parliament that was to be convened on 26th January on 12th January to enable the opposition to present their views.”