Tamil Diplomat

More revelations on previous Exam cancellations

Following the Tamil Diplomat’s news item on 21.09.2018, regarding the ” More Tamils pass …..” , Tamil Diplomat received more news on cancellation of exams because more % of Tamils have passed in those examinations.

The competitive examination for recruitment into Accountant’s Service was held in May, last year. This examination was announced cancelled without any inquiry whatsoever, because excessive % of Tamils have passed in this examination. The Examination was re-held. To the shock of the relevant Department,  more % of Tamils than the former % have passed in this examination. Alas! the results have not been published to date. Earlier news of Tamil Diplomat of 21.09.2018 is relevant to exam limited to internal candidates.

In the open examination held in June last year , it was alleged cheating and frauds had occurred and inquiries were held. Inquiries went up to a level of taking the Officers in charge for Tamil Medium exam papers to CID’s Notorious 4th floor and inquiring the as to how the Tamils passed in high numbers.

However only the General Aptitude paper was re- held. In that also more Tamil candidates passed in more numbers than the original count.

Consequently, although one year has passed after the Re-Examination results had been suppressed without being released to date.

Good Governance? This?