Tamil Diplomat

Right of Worship refused, accuse Amparai Muslims

It has been accused that the right of worshiping at a Muslim “Thaikka” in Amparai District. The Archaeological Department had fenced off an area within which a 250 years old Muslim Thaikka called “Pothanai Thaikka” is located, and had prohibited entry of unauthorized persons.

In a notice exhibited at the sight it has been announced about the prohibition and further it has been said that anybody breaching this ban will be prosecuted. As this ban has been publicly exhibited at the site , nobody including the Thaikka administration are unable to enter the Thaikka premises, said the Leader of the Administration of Pothanai Ameerul Japaroos Hamathany Thaikka, M.A.Junaitheen.

As the Sagamam area in Thrukkovil Divisional Secretary area was under the control of the LTTE, during war time, a situation existed where the Muslims were unable to go into that  area. Worship at the Thaikka was also interrupted because of this.

In a context where the religious worships were held for the last 4-5 years, the Archeological Dept had put out this notice, said Junaitheen