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Rights first, Nationalism next otherwise we will be crushed: CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

While saying that, the national activities should be undertaken after granting the rights of the minorities, he has pointed out that, otherwise we will be assimilated into the majority society, over the time.

A special event for making public, the declaration on the anticipations and recommendation of the Tamil people on reconciliation held under the Reconciliation Project of the Sarvodaya movement was held on yesterday, Sunday, at the Weerasingam Hall, Jaffna.

The CM said as above in a message sent to this event.

He further said in this message that,the Tamil people should understand the difference between ethnical representation and area wise representation. All these days it was said that thinking on ethnical line is wrong. But if is not on ethnical line, we understand that, small nation will be assimilated into the big race. When it is said to avoid ethnical basis, it is like offering rights on a platter. After respecting granting the basic rights of the minorities we should pursue national activities. Otherwise we will be assimilated into the majority society.

The Tamils who came from Madurai, 400 years ago  , for the coronation of Don Juan, settled down in Sinhalese areas like Ambalangoda and Kalluppiddiya. over the time they transformed themselves into Sinhalese.Those people who settled other places changed their names into Sinhalese names.

In South Africa, they engaged in reconciliation activities only after solving the political conflicts. Only after the assurance of political Rights and identities we should engage in national activities. We should advanced towards Nationalism insisting our ethnic uniqueness.

We don’t have to degrade the Tamil Language which was spoken here even before the birth of Christ, he said.