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All roads lead to Pilakudiyiruppu /Kepapilavu – People on their 21st day of struggle yesterday, with support flowing in

The Non-violent struggle of Pilakudiyiruppu entered its 21st day yesterday with school children also joining their support force. The Human Rights Commission representatives visited the venue directly observed the location where the people are claiming that their lands are lying. ” We were happy  when we were living in Pilakudiyiruppu. From the day we left Pilakudiyiruppu, we are being subjected to un-describable tribulations to date. After all those tragedies, we have exposed ourselves to the elements in the hope of getting back to our lands. A good end should come to all these.”, they said.

School students in the North joined in with  attention drawing human chain campaign in support of Pilakudiyiruppu people.

Mulaitheevu District school students extended a human chain from Puthukudiyiruppu Junction to 682 Brigade camp. Konavil MV, Vavuniya TV, Kanagarayankulam MV, Mannar/Papamodai RCTM school, Katchilaimadu Gtm school M/Yogapuram MV, Osmania College, Jaffna

Federation Jaffna district Thrift societies adopted a resolution in support of Pilakudiyiruppu people.

Northern Muslim Community of the Mulaitheevu District the protestors and provided them with the dinner.