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Robberies under guise of Intelligence men in Vavuniya, three arrested

Cheddikulam police have arrested three men who engaged in robberies for the last few months, identifying themselves as Intelligence operatives on the 4th of this month.

These three have identified themselves as intelligence operatives to enter homes in Varikuddiyoor, Chetikulam, and Mudaliyar kulam in Vavuniya and then went on to rob the houses at knife point. The house owners affected by them had made complaints with the Cheddikulam and Poovarasankulam Police.

The police who undertook inquiries arrested three suspects aged 38, 24, and 45 years from Vavuniya on the 4th , Saturday. The Cheddikulam police had reported that, a cap of intelligence unit, a knife, golden jewelries, one black shirt, and three cell phones had been captured from the suspects.

Cheddikulam police said that the suspects have admitted that Rs. 1,535,500  have been robbed from five houses.

The suspects were produced in court yesterday at the Magistrate court, Vavuniya.