Saturday 19 October 2019
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Rotational seat to EPRLF again? Sithathan writes in anger to Sampanthan

Rotational seat to EPRLF again? Sithathan writes in anger to Sampanthan

The Leader of the PLOT has written in anger to the Leader of the TNA to give up appointing an EPRLF Member again, to the rotational seat of the NPC shared on a yearly basis among the constituents parties of the ruling party.

As a most senior member of the ITAK and as a leader who has the ability to keep the TNA without any split, I request you with a sense of belonging, and in the name of the unity, to stop ITAK’s action to allocate the rotational seat to EPRLF again.

He has elaborated the method decided for the sharing of the 2 Nomination seats won by TNA. A seat was given to Asmin as he represented the Good governance Government and the other seat to be shared between the constituent parties. Appointing a PLOT member as per the above decision, is being delayed by the Secretary of the ITAK, he has said.

The copies of this letter has been sent to the leaders of the other constituent parties of the TNA, the CM, NPC and the leader of the house.

He has pointed out that how they are acting currently to keep the unity of TNA in view of the new constitution and has requested Sampanthan to intervene in this and establish justice.

This letter is mainly based on the nomination of the Chairman of the Jaffna Chamber of Commerce, R.Jayasekaram , who contested the NPC election and lost, as the replacement.

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