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Rs.10,000 Million slashed from amount requested by NPC in the Budget Proposal

In the context of the NPC asking for Rs.32, 000 Million for its capital and Recurring expenditures, the Central Government has allocated only Rs.l22, 094 Million.

Rs.32, 200 Million was requested from the Central Government by the NPC. In this 10,200 Million was requested for Specific Grant and Specific Donation fund and 22,000 Million for Recurrent Expenditure.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake submitted the Budget Proposal in the Parliament. In these proposals only 22,094.851 Million has been allocated to NPC. This is 10,000 Million less than the amount called for by the NPC.

Meanwhile allocation for the President had been increased by Rs.4060 Mllionand the allocation for the Prime Minister increased by Rs.770 Million.