Tamil Diplomat

Rs.116 million transferred by Former Governor to be returned to NPC with interest.

The Northern Province General Accounts Committee had found out with evidence that, the former Governor G.A.Chandrasiri had transferred 116 million rupees to his Discretionary Fund from the sum allocated to Provincial Departments and Ministries just 10 days prior to NPC elections on 11th September 2013 in and had ordered the Governor’s Secretariat to return the amount so transferred with interest to the NPC.

Rs. 11,457,360/= allocated to Agricultural Ministry,  Rs.4,700,000/= allocated to Land Department, Rs. 32,000,000/= allocated to Co-operative Development Department, Rs.62,135,200/= allocated to Department of Agriculture, and Rs.6,000,000/= allocated for Governor’s Secretariat had been transferred by him.

It was said in the house that this fund will be spent on improvement of livelihood for woman leadership families and poor children.