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Rs. 4,000 Million spent for Development in Mannar, says District Secretary

The Mannar District Secretary, M.Y.S.Deshapriya said that several development projects were undertaken with an allocation of Rs.4,000 in Mannar only.

The media conference to explain about the various projects undertaken within the one year period from January to December 2016 in Mannar District was held yesterday at  the Conference hall of Mannar District Secretariat and the District Secretary stated as above in this conference.

Elaborating further, he said, Several development projects have been undertaken in Mannar with an allocation of around Rs.4,000 Million. Out of this, Projects are being undertaken with an allocation of Rs.2,600 Million in Mannar through the Mannar Secretariat. This amount of money has never been allocated earlier to Mannar before.

He thanked, the President,Prime Minister, NPC CM, Minister Rishad, MPs Charles Nirmalanathan and Musthan who had made great contributions to the present development.

The projects undertaken through the District Secretariat were efficiently pursued under The Project Director, who had acted with leadership, his co-workers, the Additional District Secretary, and especially with the cooperation of the 5 Divisional Secretaries. I have watched the reporting of the mediamen of Mannar, for last two years and I am very happy regarding their news reporting in websites and news papers, he said.