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Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin Bernard Gnnapragasam takes over as the Bishop of Jaffna

Rt. Rev.Dr. Justin Bernard Gnnapragasam was appointed by the Pope as the 8th Bishopof Jaffna with effect from Yesterday. A declaration to this effect was read out by the retiring Bishop, Rt.Rev.Thomas Saundranayagam at the Bishop’s House Jaffna.

Born in 1948  in Kayts, and Ordained as a priest in1974, the  new Bishop had completed 40 years in Apostolic service and concurrent 31 years of Educational service. He served as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Christian Civilization from1982 to 1984. He was a member of University Senate from 1998 – 2014 serving as the Evaluator and Examiner for MA and PhD degrees of the University from 2003 to date.

After his ordination he has served various capacities:

1974-1975: Assistant parish priest of Kilinochchi and Valaipadu?

1975-1976: Assistant parish priest ? of Uruthirapuram;

1976-1979: Assistant parish priest ? in S. Anna, Ilavalai

1979-1980: Studied ecumenical theology at Hull University, UK

1980-1985: Parish priest of Mareesankoodal and vice rector of St. Henry’s College, Jaffna

1986-1989: Studied education science at Southampton, UK

1990-1994: Director of a group of state schools and rector of St. Henry’s College, Jaffna

1995-2002: Dean of the Ilavalai Deanary comprising 9 parishes of Jaffna

1992-2006: Visiting Professor of the major seminary of Jaffna;

2002-2007: Rector of St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna;?

2002: Examiner of doctoral theses, Jaffna University

2007: Vicar Geneeral of Jaffna;

2008: Director of Jaffna press