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Sampanthan agreed not to insist federal system and to the priority to Buddhism: Minister Ameraweera

The Minister of Fisheries Mahindha Amaraweera has said that the Leader of TNA who has fully accepted the priority given to Buddhism in the constitution, has also assured to us that Federal solution will not be insisted.

While glorifying Sampanthan, that it is a fortune of the people of the country to have such a Tamil Leader as the Leader of the Opposition, the Minister also has insisted that the solution to the ethnic problem which is the National Problem during the term of a best opposition Leader like Sampanthan. He also said that Sampanthan has assured that he will not insist on Federal Solution even if Tamil people place this demand.

The Minister has said these during a meeting with the people at Hambanthotta yesterday.

He further said there, as far as I am in this government and a true Buddhist like Maithripala Sirisena is the President of this country, the priority given to Buddhism will not be reduced. We will not allow the removal of it from the constitution. We ahd made promises to Mahanayakes that we will not allow to split the country in the name of Federalism or in any other  name and that we will not allow to merge either North – East of any other Provinces.